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2 hour Asana, Pranayama or Meditation class.



Solar Vinyasa

Inspired in Vinyasa, functional movement and martial arts, this powerful and energetic yoga class is full of flows, transitions and inversions. What makes this style special is that the students will feel challenged yet inspired to push themselves out of their comfort zone, through different progressions according their physical awareness and experience on the mat. This class will make them sweat, smile and feel fully alive.

Focus on: Strength, proprioception and resistance.

Lunar Vinyasa

A gentle -slow flow- vinyasa class that will help the practitioner to deeply connect with their breathing, emotional body and parasympathetic nervous system, promoting a sense of acceptance, relaxation and presence. Through this class we will discover how to gain flexibility and mobility in a safe and effective way, even for those who are still not able to touch the tip of their toes.


Focus on: flexibility, mobility and relaxation. 

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Arm balances
and invertions

Playing with gravity never was so fun. When it comes to balance or invert our bodies, the best aproach is to do it in the safest way possible, using the appropiate biomechanics and progressions; but at the same time, to make it fun, enjoyable and accesible to everyone.

Focus on: Proprioception, alignment and muscular coordination.

Yoga Moves

Gain strength coordination and mobility trough a varied toolkit of drills and skills designed to improve your performance on the mat and awareness on your own body. Calisthenics meets yoga to help you take your asana practice to the next level.


Focus on: Mobility, stamina, strength

and joint stability.


Yoga Essentials

This is the perfect option to introduce the student to a foundational yoga practice. We will explore the philosophy and history behind the asana practice, as well as the fundamental principles of breathing and mental training (pranayama and meditation). This workshop will provide the practitioner a structured map of their personal yoga journey.

Focus on: sharing the student the basis to build a meaningful, safe and effective yoga practice.



Breathing is one of the mos powerful and accesible tools we have as human beings. Even tho we don't need to be conscious while breathing, we can consciously manipulate our breathing. By training specific breathing patterns we can learn how to balance our nervous system and to manage our emotions with awareness and skillfulness.

Focus on: Balancing the nervous system and gaining awareness of the breathing process.



Mental training has been one of the most important tools for self knowledge and self empowerment during thousands of years in the eastern yogic traditions. Nowadays, thanks to modern science, meditation has been proliferated in western society as a reliable tool to improve stress management and emotional intelligence.


During this master class we'll explore the theory and practice of this ancient and powerful mental technology to integrate it as a daily life spiritual practice.

Focus on: Introducing the student to Mindfulness meditation and developing awareness on the psycho-emotional connection.

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