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Awareness Yoga
Teacher Training

Awareness Yoga Teacher Training 200 is a comprehensive program focused on exploration, accompaniment and spiritual development; Inspired by traditional yoga (Tantra, Hatha and Raja Yoga), modern yoga (Vinyasa Yoga), Mindfulness meditation, Buddhist philosophy, critical thinking and physical development.

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (RYS200)

Format: In person

- Intensive (3 weeks)

- Modular (3 to 10 months)


- Asana, Pranayama and meditation

- Introspective resources

- Subtle faculties and practices

- Anatomy and physiology

- History, philosophy and yogic lifestyle

- Pedagogic tools

- Professional career

- Mentorship

Accredited by Yoga Alliance (RYS200)  


AYTT200 has been designed under an education format that involves, transversally, research, development and understanding of body, mind-emotions and subtle faculties; in order to provide the students complementary dimensions of experience and practice.


Its objective is to provide the students the essential tools to start their journey as commited practitioners or yoga teachers, under the standards of the Yoga Alliance and Dharma Rabbit Mentorship.


We consider the Awareness Yoga an avant garde yet accesible method that aims to integrate traditional yoga spiritual practices with the knowledge and tools that modern science has offers us.

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